On December 21of 2019, five years after Karlo Grigolia's death, an exhibition of his works was presented for the first time. The exhibition took place in Fabrika Tbilisi with the support of  Tbilisi City Hall and LerniArt Foundation. Most of the presented artworks were created during the time of "Iron Curtain", when his art was absolutely unacceptable and banned from the whole Soviet system. Karlo Grigolia has never had the opportunity to hold a solo exhibition in his life. 

Dimensions: 45x21x12  Date: 1964

The main purpose of this exhibition was to represent a small part of Karlo Grigolia's works to the public, to preserve the works in permanent material( from gypsum to bronze) and to popularize it. The focus of the exhibition was not on specific themes, but on forms of expression and with these distinctive forms and an original contemporary vision Karlo Grigolia took Georgian sculpture to the new level.

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