“Forbidden Art” is the second solo exhibition of works by karlo Grigolia, that had been ignored, misunderstood and banned for some time, while behind the Iron Curtain a number of artists were creating wonderful contemporary masterpieces. In Soviet reality, all creativity beyond the imposed censorship was forbidden, and creative freedom meant only self-destruction for the artist.
Karlo Grigolia devoted all his creativity life to keep clearness of his art and took modern sculpture to a whole new level, by returning contemporary sculpture to the language of the past and bringing it to the level of the classics.
Karlo Grigolia's creative journey began at the Academy of Fine Arts  and from graduation of the academy his works were firstly exhibited in the exhibition hall of the Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Arts only sixty-five years later. Project "Forbidden Art" was launched in December 2021 with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth of Georgia and Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. The focus of the exhibition was not on specific themes, but on forms of expression and with these distinctive forms and an original contemporary vision. The masterpieces doesn't have any names, as the author once said, "it's an abstraction, so you can see whatever you would like in it. The forms of sculpture is important not a name or theme of it. 


As part of the project  four more sculptures were cast from gypsum to permanent material (bronze) and exhibited along with his other artworks, where were presented masterpieces from different periods of karlo Grigolia’s “Forbiden Art”.  

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