Karlo Grigolia was born 1927 in Senaki City, Georgia. In 1950, after graduating the Academy of Art in Tbilisi, he chose at the time forbidden, own and independent way in art. Karlo Grigolia is founder of abstract sculpture in Georgia, who with his non-conformist, selfless creative work and way of life made his pure, non-compromised way in arts, and this happened when the heavy press of the Soviet ideology and the official doctrine of the "socialist realism" gave no chance to the "unsubdued". In 70-s, when the works of free artists’ work where just about to be destroyed, Carlo Grigolia stayed as a pattern of creative clearness. Karlo Grigolia chose the first position: non-conformist, independent, his own way in the arts. This was responded with the in acceptance and confrontation from the side of officialdom. It should be noted that this "rebellious", at the first glance, position was not a self-separating, individualistic self-purposeful revolt. The basis for this was the recognition of the way of elaboration of the common human values by the artist and also his own way of interpretation of the non-compromised realizations of these values, which was a one more attempt of maintaining the inner liberty. We are aware that very often the liberty of an artist is based on his asceticism. And not all are capable to carry this burden, but  he managed to do it. His art, then recognized only by his friends and some of the progressive representatives of our society, is a work of deep abstractions, a carrier of high generalizations, and the true reflection of the artist’s inner world. Karlo Grigolia’s art is one of the most significant layers of contemporary Georgian culture, namely, Georgian sculpture. At the end of the 1980s, after the collapse of the "iron curtain" he was surrounded by a part of avant-gardist sculptures of the newer generation. They found the shearer of their ideas in their elderly colleague. It appeared that the way


passed by Karlo was ahead of time. Nowadays, Georgia, a country of the ancient culture, having suffered the calamities of the 1990s, gradually gathers its strength, tried its worthy place in the contemporary world. There is a great number of people whose conditions are too far from well-being, the worthy artists and researchers among them. Karlo Grigolia is no exception to this.

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