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" The study of the evolution of the development of sculpture, in particular, Egyptian, Cretan-Mycenaean, Archaic, and classical Greek, viz. the sculpture of Polyclitus and Praxiteles exerted a strong influence on the evolutionary development of my work.
After I mastered the technique, classical knowledge and having worked out a specific modeling of surface I succeeded in finding my own individual creative path. Being a student I was heard about Modernism as a new art movement, but there was not much information about it. In Soviet Georgia it was absolutely banned even to think about it so I had to use my own imagination to create my individual conception. 
My creative work is organically linked to nature and the universe. The universe itself is the greatest master. Therefore, I see the embodiment of the main principle of my sculpture in nature.
I contemplate our planet as a complete sculpture, with its own internal pulse being a vital energy source for humankind. Therefore, this sculpture is comprised of intrinsic volcanic energy, the form is charged like an atom’s nucleus, and innate power is perceived from within it. 
My approach to sculpture is based on the inner architectonics of sculpture according to classical canons, resting on the sphere, the square, and the triangle. Combination of these forms affords infinite possibilities of creating abstract compositions. I pay close attention to the specificity, volume and architectonic of the sculpture. For me ideal of plasticity is the “Egg”, as an absolutely perfect form full of vital impulses.
My task is to bionize abstract form and impart maximum sensibility to it and I try to develop not only a new form, but also a new and broader thinking. 
My main objective is to work on the plastic and aesthetics of the form. That is why I employ classic principles of sculpture by returning the contemporary sculpture to the language of the past." 



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